Head versus Heart - and our gut reactions
the twentyfirst century enneagram
by Michael Hampson
O Books 2005

Michael Hampson’s Head versus Heart rebuilds the enneagram on a single new foundation: the fundamental question of how we engage with the world around us. To this task we each bring three basic resources - ‘head’ and ‘heart’ and our ‘gut reactions’. Head versus Heart is a study of the interaction of these three.

From the very beginning Head versus Heart explains as it describes - something which has never been done for the enneagram before. It explains for the first time why the nine types emerge as they do - and why they interconnect according to the enneagram’s distinctive irregular pattern of interconnecting lines. The material is logical and rational throughout - with clear links to cognitive, behavioural and even neurological psychology. All of this makes Head versus Heart the most accessible material ever produced on the enneagram - and the most important new work on the enneagram in thirty years.

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